Bengal Security Academy provides training at three levels for the security personnel's.

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At BSA, the services provided by our security guards and supervisors are vast and varied. The requirements are first identified, categorized and classified on the basis of jobs and discipline. Given are the services provided at the academy.

General Services

Escort (Individuals, children & groups)
Pick-up & Drop
Guide & liaison
House Keeping (Errands, purchase & delivery, bill collection, clearance & loan recovery)
Care Taking (Opening & closing operations, cleaning & conservancy)

Advance Services

Confidential investigation
Consultancy, security audit and inspections
Fraud, patents, copyright, piracy cases
Sting operations
Sensitive verification & authentication
Vigilance & anti industrial espionage services
Forensic services

Watch & Ward Services

Access control & asset protection
Parking supervision & control
Traffic & crowd regulation
Prevention of misuse of company property

Technical Services

Selling & maintenance of security equipment
Sourcing, procurement, installation and operation of security gadgets
Research & development

Special Services

Personal guards, gunmen & bouncers
Dog squad (sniffer, tracker & attack dogs)
Fire & hazardous chemical management
Employee / personnel verification
Property verification

Added Services

Event management
Maintenance services
Landscaping and beautification services
Land assessment, verification of ownership and potential development

Fee Structure

1 months training for a fee of Rs.7000/- per individual
Enrollment of 25 or more candidates at a time for a months training will get 10% discount

Messing and hostel facilities can be provided for out station candidates at reasonable rates.


Mr. Sudip Bandopadhya
Mr. Dulal Chandra Das
Mr. S. K. Bhattacharya, LLB
Mr. Gautam Sureka
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